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Mensaje por Alberto el Mar Mayo 31 2016, 12:43

Version 05/30/2016

New Heroes:
Inferno (June Signin Hero): Back line intellect hero, who can control fire to attack enemies.
Ace (June Magic Stone Hero): Back line agile hero, who can throw poker cards to attack enemies.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:
Added Puppet Master to the Guild Shop.
Added Troll Princess and Ghost Knight to the Guild Tournament Shop.
Introduced new Ancient Temple rewards for Team Level 101-105.
Improved some heroes' race type.
Improved the loots from Chapter 19.
Improved the loots from Crusade chests.
Fixed a bug that players couldn't apply for the loots from Guild Raid Instances

Version 05/27/2016

Bug Fixes:
Fixed a displaying bug with Championship rewards under HD version.
Fixed a bug that players couldn't open Chapter 19 under HD version.
Fixed a bug that there was no difficulty level 9 in Advanced Instances and Outland Portal under HD version.

Version 2.1.23- 05/24/2016

New Features:
Introduced a new tutorial quests system for players to play the game smoothly.
Increased the Team Level cap to 105.
Introduced the Chapter 19 in the Campaign.
Unlocked difficulty 5 in Grand Challenge.
Introduced Red+2 in the hero promotion system.
Unlocked difficulty 9 in Advanced Instances and Outland Portal.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:
Improved the battle logs in Championship.
Improved some UI issues.
Improved the ultimate skill of the hero Sorceress.
Fixed a display issue on how to get hero soul stones.
Added a server migration tip that players will lose the current Guild Tournament and Championship progress after server migration.

Version 05/17/2016

Bug Fix:
Fixed a bug with gear Mask of Madness that may affect arena result.

Version 05/05/2016

Improved the 4th skill of the hero Sorceress.

Version 05/04/2016

Improved the Crusade loots.
Improved the Almighty Gear Fragment's crafting.

Version 04/28/2016

New Heroes:
Puppet Master ( May Signin Hero): Back line agile hero, who can control puppets to strike enemies.
Sorceress (May Magic Stone Hero): Back line intellect hero, who can greatly restrict enemies' skills cast.

Added Elder Giant to Grand Arena Shop.
Added Corrupted Angel to Guild Tournament Shop
Improved the Championship Rewards UI.
Improved the Championship Battle Share system.

Version - 04/25/2016

Bug Fix:
Championship Chinese localization fix.
Championship UI image fix.
Fixed an Almighty Fragment Pop-up problem.

*iOS version may take several days before App Store approves these fixes.

Version 04/20/2016

New Features:
Championship: An individual cross-servers competition that all players of level 61 or above can participate in!
Gear Package: Allows you promote a certain hero from white to red with all the gear needed.
New loading art.

Improved the Crusade rewards.
Guild Officers now can send group mails to the Guild.
Personal mails now can be deleted.
Added new VIP benefits.
Improved the chat feature.
Improved the 2nd skill of the hero Ghost Knight.

Version 04/06/2016

Improved some art effects for the hero Elder Giant
Introduced a new art picture at the login interface (Currently available for Android devices) .

Bug Fixes:
Fixed a bug that it displayed the wrong Guilds quantity in the Guild Tournament Groups.
Fixed a bug that the Dungeon Keeper's ultimate skill affected the battle result.
Fixed a player to player mail bug.

Version 03/30/2016

Elder Giant (April Signin Hero): Front line strength hero, who can increase his own strength and weaken the enemies.
Corrupted Angel (April Magic Stone Hero): Middle line agile hero, who brings cruelty and carnage, sometimes even to his allies.

Added the hero Dope King to the Guild Tournament Shop.
Added the hero Devastator to the Arena Shop.
Added a Hero Display Interface for players to know about the on-sale heroes.

Version 03/24/2016

Improved a lag issue in the Guild Tournament.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed a bug where it displayed the wrong power quantity for the Guild Tournament Teams.
Fixed a bug that the Professional Killer continuously cast his Legendary Skill when meeting the Desert Lycan.
Fixed a bug that some art resources couldn't be loaded completely.

Version 03/18/2016

New Features:
Introduced a player to player mail system to improve in-game communication.
Introduced Polish and Czech languages.

Added battle logs in Guild Tournament Schedule.
Only Guild leader and officers can see the Guild's teams setup in Tournament.
Opened new Legendary Quests for the heroes Wandering Spearman, Dwarf Warrior and Psychic Sword.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed a bug that the hero Queen of Curse's Ult skill targeted the most HP hero instead of a random hero.
Fixed a bug that the hero Light Bringer's second skill could be cast on a non-hero unit.
Fixed a bug that the hero Hidden Needle sometimes did not activate her Ult skill.
Fixed a display issue in the Enchanting interface.

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