preview de EL CAMPEONATO nueva opcion del juego

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preview de EL CAMPEONATO nueva opcion del juego

Mensaje por Alberto el Jue Abr 14 2016, 11:26

el campeonato jugador vs jugador, pero en vez de jugar contra los de tu server (gran arena) ahora se lucha contra los de otro servidor

Preview on the new feature-- The Championship
Dear Leaders,

Following the Guild Tournament, we have developed another major feature, the Championship! It is an individual cross-servers competition that all players of level 61 or above can participate in! In Championship, not only can you fight, you can also receive awesome rewards and bet for fun!

The Championship's battle mechanism is the same as Grand Arena. Except, you can select a battle banner to boost your teams power. And also, you can inspire your teams to help with battles.

Each season's Championship lasts 6 weeks and is divided into 5 stages: the Continents Selection, the Elite Preliminaries, the Finals, the Ultimate Championship and the Off Season. The first week is the Continents Selection. You will be put in one of the 6 Continents according to your location: Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and Africa. And each player fights 3 random enemy players to earn scores. Only a battle's winner can earn scores. The faster you defeat your opponent and the more survived heroes you have, the more scores you can earn. You can also select a banner to earn extra scores. The top 20% players will enter the Elite Preliminaries.

The second week is the Elite Preliminaries. Each player fights 3 random enemy players to earn scores. The top 64 players will enter the Finals.

The third and fourth weeks are the Finals. The Finals are under knock out system Only the final champion in each Continent can enter the Ultimate Championship.

The fifth week is the Ultimate Championship. The 6 champions from the 6 Continents fight against each other and earn scores to decide the ultimate champion of all servers!

The sixth week is the Off Season, in which players can prepare for the next season's Championship.

The Championship's rewards are awesome and unique, including Gems, Almighty Gear Fragments, Almighty Soul Stones. Almighty Gear Fragment can be used to replace any gear fragment and Almighty Soul Stone can be used to replace any hero's soul stone. However, Almighty Soul Stones cannot be used to summon new heroes.

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